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Our Story so far....

As a new mum of our precious tiny early baby girl Ava Rose, I was looking for something unique and personalised just for her.

I couldn't find anything on the market as special as she is as she loved her soother and was always loosing it.

I researched soother chains for her and really found nothing, and thats where Sootherlicous was born.

Over time my range has developed with my beautiful christening Sootherchains and my Silicone Teething Extras, plus a range of MAM CLIPS and teething clips.


My Sootherchains are loved all over the world by my customers. I hope you love my product as much as I love making them for you.


Claire xxx

Sootherlicious are colourfull personalised sootherchains, made from non-toxic CE beads.

All my chains are handmade in Ireland.

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